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Liam DunneJuly 17th, 2017NewsComments Off on Why Talking Smack Was Cancelled

Why Talking Smack Was Cancelled

News broke this week that WWE has decided to cancel their after show Talking Smack. The news came as a shock to the wrestling world, and to the hosts Renee Young and Daniel Bryan, both of whom hadn’t been informed of the shows demise before it was announced on Friday.

Despite being, consecutively, one of the more watched WWE Network shows, more so than even 205 Live, and allowing wrestlers to go unscripted and show their true abilities on the microphone, vastly improving the character of The Miz and others, the plug was pulled by Vince McMahon.

The reason behind it, because McMahon didn’t like the show being unscripted.

McMahon held the belief that it served against the company’s public image, as the wrestlers and what they said couldn’t be controlled due to it being a live show.

The news has angered many WWE fans, including Max Landis, who liked the show and it’s “anything goes” style, with petitions being made to bring the show back full time.

It should be noted that Talking Smack will continue to air after SmackDown Pay-Per-Views, but rumours are already stating that McMahon plans to eventually scrap this too…

EDITOR’S OPINION: WWE like to tout that they listen to their fans, but to cancel one of their more consistently popular shows just because a 70 year old man doesn’t like letting wrestlers be themselves and let lose on a microphone? Further proof that the company is ran in the interest of 1 man instead of the people who pour money into the business.

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