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Sam BrooksMay 29th, 2015NewsComments Off on Stardust to Feud with Arrow for SummerSlam

Stardust to Feud with Arrow for SummerSlam


Star of TV’s Arrow to Potentially Feud with Cosmic Weirdo

In case you missed it, this past Monday on Raw featured a match between Stardust and Neville. Before the match transpired, however, Stardust got in the face of actor Stephen Amell, the titular character of the TV series Arrow, and teased further interactions between them.

In a recent report from Wrestling Observer, it is apparently planned for the two to cross paths once again, but it has not been detailed any further. Amell himself is an outspoken wrestling fan, having expressed interest in working a program on Raw on Twitter, with ideas ranging from Raw Guest Host, to an actual wrestling match with an unspecified Superstar.

The real question is, however; should this angle happen in the first place? We’ve seen a list almost as long as Chris Jericho’s 1004 Holds in terms of celebrities appearing in the WWE across the years, and Stephen Amell is the next name to be included alongside the “Social Media Ambassador” Charlie Sheen, and various other irrelevant pop-culture icons.

0-20120625_Light_Sheen_SMA_homepage-600x337Remember this? Neither do we, quite honestly.

The one thing all of these celebrities have in common is that their involvement in the product is short-lived, inconsequential within a matter of weeks, and rarely enjoyed by anybody. Who’s to say that this affair will be any different?

Of course there’s the potential for this to be a fun, albeit forgettable, angle, but given the WWE’s track record of trying to remain relevant by sponging off of various media outlets, we can’t put all of our eggs into one basket. Even if it does belong to a kickass superhero such as Arrow.

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