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Sam BrooksFebruary 18th, 2015NewsComments Off on Samoa Joe Quits TNA – Backstage Reaction, WWE Interested?

Samoa Joe Quits TNA – Backstage Reaction, WWE Interested?


In a move that has surprised many, Samoa Joe announced on Twitter that he and TNA have parted ways. Joe’s contract with TNA was due to expire recently, and it appears that they have both agreed to let Joe go separate ways. The split appears to be amicable, and the door is open for Joe to return to the company at any point.

The supposed reasons behind Joe leaving the company are similar to when current IWGP Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles left in 2013; TNA could no longer provide either talent with the paycheck they desired, and the talents left the company following a final offer from TNA. Another lesser factor is the belief that TNA want to start bringing in younger talents to build.

Various TNA talents, in addition to some select WWE talents, also tweeted their reactions to the release. In particular, most talents are saddened by the departure, but wish Joe all the best in his… “future endeavours”, for lack of a better term.

Which brings us to the WWE; rumour has it that Triple H is interested in an NXT run for the multiple-time world champion. According to infamous Reddit insider MetsFan4Ever, Triple H is pushing the idea for Joe to have a run in NXT, whereas Vince McMahon is indifferent to the idea altogether. Various WWE talents have tweeted in regards to Joe joining the WWE, specifically Paul Heyman and Steve Austin, the latter believing that Joe would do well within the company.

EN: Seeing how the source of these rumours is only correct half of the time, it should be taken with a pinch of salt at best. I would personally love to see Samoa Joe within the WWE, purely based on the potential matches he could have with the NXT talents alone. Joe/Itami. Joe/Owens. Joe/Balor. The possibilities there alone are bright.

However, in the interests of a better workplace with more opportunities in the long run, perhaps a visit to NJPW would benefit Joe more than a potential run in a company he worked for previously, back in the late nineties. Who else will stop the Bullet Club, right?

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