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Ryback: “Jinder Mahal Was My Was My Worst Match”

SOURCE: Conversation With The Big Guy

On episode 42 of Conversation With The Big Guy, independent professional wrestler and podcaster Ryback Reeves talked about being tired of people saying he is not successful because he is not with NJPW or ROH and his worst match ever.

During the podcast, Ryback voiced his frustration over people saying he is not successful because he is not with NJPW or ROH. ‘The Big Guy’ said he make “hundreds of thousands of dollars in a brand new business” and suggested that a certain measure of hate comes with success.

“I dare you to truly look at everything and call me a failure. They go by, it’s weird, because I don’t go wrestle for New Japan or Ring Of Honor? But, look at our bank accounts, and look at me at my meet and greets, and having fun, and meeting people every week, and being booked, and living life, and being happy. What’s wrong with you people?” Ryback added, “whenever you reach a certain level, you’re going to get hate no matter what.”

Also, Ryback mentioned that his worst pro wrestling match ever was against current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal.

“The worst match of my entire [pro wrestling] career was with Jinder Mahal. Remember? I don’t know if [podcast cohost Pat Buck was] there. We ended up doing a match on the fly. And it was probably my worst match ever. Just nothing went right and Jinder was super-new to developmental at that time. And it was really f–king funny actually, but it was after NXT and we all were down there. None of us… The Nexus thing hadn’t happened yet.”

Also on this episode of Conversation With The Big Guy, Ryback and Buck shared some ideas for possible gimmicks for Ryback’s indie run (without making mention of the most obvious fictitious persona, Cryback, the IWC-trolling, indie-hating, entitled complainer).

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