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Sam BrooksMay 28th, 2015NewsComments Off on Rusev Injured at SmackDown! Tapings

Rusev Injured at SmackDown! Tapings


“Bulgarian Brute” Rusev Injured Whilst Working Match w/ Ryback

It was reported recently that, during the Tuesday taping for this week’s episode of Thursday Night SmackDown, a match took place between former United States Champion Rusev, and Ryback. During this match, Rusev took a bump and was seen clutching at his foot afterwards. The match abruptly finished via DQ when Rusev threw Ryback into the ring post, and Rusev was later helped to the back by three medics.

Photos have surfaced online of Rusev confined to a wheelchair, with his foot in a cast, according to fans who claimed to have seen him at an airport. Whilst Rusev is still scheduled for this week’s Intercontinental Championship match inside the Elimination Chamber this Sunday, on the WWE Network exclusive PPV of the same name, it seems unlikely that he will compete.

No word yet has been given as to Rusev’s status for the Chamber, aside from an official statement, clarifying his injury. We here at The Suplah wish Rusev a speedy recovery, and hope that he comes back to tarnish the United States sooner rather than later.

Editor’s Note: There are two schools of thought whenever a Superstar is injured; the first group believing that injuries can only serve to derail a character, and that they are a detriment to anybody, regardless of circumstance. The opposing camp often believes that injuries can be seen as a good thing; a chance for the Superstar to come back anew, restarting their momentum and giving them a new lease on their career.

Whilst there is certainly truth to both, I’m of the belief that Rusev does need a break. He’s lost his title, his streak, and his manager all within the last couple of months – the unfortunate side-effects of entering a feud with John Cena, unless you’re a top tier talent from the start.

Whilst he has been reverting back to his Bulgarian roots (a questionably quick revert, but that’s beside the point), the character he has is in the danger zone of becoming too stale. He has the trouble of entering the same pattern that every foreign monster heel finds themselves in; eventually becoming a comedy character, and then either leaving the company, or fading into obscurity before leaving the company.

The thing about Rusev is that he’s a great athlete, and a competent in-ring worker, from what we’ve been seeing from his past year on the main roster, at least. He is improving on the mic, and has the potential to stay a solid threat to the mid-card, and the occasional main eventer.

That being said, this injury is, unfortunately, exactly what Rusev needs in order to reset his momentum and come back stronger than before. Just keep him away from the Potato Salad of Wrestling, John Cena, and we’ll all go home happy and slightly less patriotic. Unless you’re British, like the majority of us here at The Suplah, in which case you’re rarely patriotic to start with. Get well soon, Rusev.

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