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Liam DunneFebruary 18th, 2016NewsComments Off on RUMOUR – Sheamus Was In “Star Wars – The Force Awakens”?

RUMOUR – Sheamus Was In “Star Wars – The Force Awakens”?

One of the biggest movies in history was released back in December of 2015, you may have heard of it, the long anticipated sequel to the phenomenal Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens. The film continued the saga by showing us older versions of the original movies heroes, whilst setting up younger characters to take over the franchise.

The film went on to break records around the world, and currently sits as the third highest grossing movie of all time, just behind Avatar (1st) and Titanic (2nd).

So why is this being reported on

A very recent rumour indicates that none other that former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus, was cast in the movie. However, his role ended up on the cutting room floor.

During one of the scenes, new-comer Rey, picks up Anakin/Luke Skywalkers blue lightsaber. When she touches the weapon she see’s flash backs and hear voices that relate to previous Star Wars movies, as well as providing some minor context around the villainous Kylo Ren. One of the first locations that she sees is a Bespin hall way, the same hall way that Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker battle in during Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back.

The following is a quote from the recently released book “Rey’s Story”:

“As she peered into the distance, she saw a man in black wielding a red Lightsaber. His face was covered with a mask, molded to approximate a human face. But the mask’s eyes were dead and empty. The man’s red Lightsaber clashed against a brilliant beam of blue. A young man with blond hair raised his own Lightsaber and fought furiously against the monster in black.” Read more at:

None other than WWE’s Sheamus is claimed to have been cast to play Darth Vader during this flash back sequence.

Now, this should be taken as a rumour. Sheamus has never mentioned anything about being a part of this movie, whether his role was cut or not (after all, it’s one of the biggest movies ever made, you’d think he would have said something!).

However, to play devil’s advocate, just before Star Wars was released, Sheamus was crowned the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. WWE loves to get free publicity, and if Sheamus was in the movie, and his role was kept in the final film, one would believe we would be invited to the World Premiere, and to have Darth Vader walking around with the WWE Championship… well you can see why WWE may have used this as an excuse to make Sheamus champion.

What do you think? Fact or fiction?

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