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Liam DunneApril 8th, 2015NewsComments Off on Ronda Rousey At WrestleMania 32?

Ronda Rousey At WrestleMania 32?

Could we see the worlds greatest female fighter go up against the Billion Dollar Princess? WWE Officials appear to be hopeful!

After appearing at Summerslam back in 2014, and then again at WrestleMania 31 in an angle where she joined The Rock to lay a verbal assault on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. WWE Officials want to work towards a match that sees Ronda Rousey vs. Stephanie McMahon for WrestleMania 32.

Now it should be noted, that it’s just wishful thinking on the part of the WWE. Rousey is under contract to the UFC, so ultimately it is their say if they allow her to be involved at next years event. Indeed she was at ‘Mania 31, but it was just considered an appearance. An actual match is something completely different.

There is a chance that, in the case that UFC says no to a match but allows her to appear at the event in a non-physical role, WWE could change the angle slightly and have the match be The Rock vs. Triple H with Rousey and McMahon in the corners of their respective wrestlers. But that, again, now relies on The Rock’s schedule…

(Editor’s Note: no, this isn’t an April Fools joke this time)

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