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Liam DunneApril 15th, 2015NewsComments Off on Richie Steamboat Won’t Wrestle Again

Richie Steamboat Won’t Wrestle Again

The son of the Legendary Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat has given up professional wrestling for good.

A few years ago, the young star was one of the biggest names in FCW, WWE’s developmental promotion that would eventually evolve into the NXT show we know today. He had the looks and the skills to make it fair, and being the child of a Hall Of Famer clearly made it seem like he was destined for greatness. But a few years ago he was taken out of action due to an issue with his back, and since then we haven’t really heard much from him, except for the issue where WWE announced they had released him.

Today, it seems clear as to why the company let him go. It wasn’t that they were being malicious or corporate to Richie, but instead he was told that he wouldn’t be able to wrestler again.

Whether Rickie will ever return to the company in some sort of agent role or creative role, is yet to be seen.

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