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Liam DunneFebruary 15th, 2016NewsComments Off on RAW Hasn’t Had A Sell Out Show Yet

RAW Hasn’t Had A Sell Out Show Yet

Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE’s Monday night, flagship show, RAW, hasn’t had a sold out show yet in 2016, as of this writing.

Whilst it’s inevitable that this trend will eventually end at some point, and only roughly 6 weeks into the year. It is noteworthy news never the less.

Many critics of WWE’s current PG product point to the slowly dwindling ratings of the company’s shows as proof that fans are getting bored of their storylines and characters. Whilst one could argue that there is some truth to that, they must, too, remember that the way television is watched today is vastly different to how people watched television 20 years ago, during the vastly popular “Attitude Era”.

What does, however, back up their criticisms though is that WWE is finding it tough thus far to get a legitimate sell out show.

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