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Sam BrooksApril 30th, 2015NewsComments Off on Major Backstage Plans Regarding Lana

Major Backstage Plans Regarding Lana


Reports Alleging Big Push for Diva

In a recent report, it seems that Lana is being eyed for a spotlight relatively soon, alongside currently in-training Diva Eva Marie. The Wrestling Observer reports as follows;

The plan for Lana long-term right now is to be the female face of the company once her babyface turn is completed. At least that’s the long-term plan this week. Vince McMahon feels that part of the transition has to include a reveal that she’s really American. The plan is to keep the Lana name, although there has at least been talk of C.J. (Her real name is Catherine Jo Perry), with the idea C.J. makes people think hot blond because of the character Pamela Anderson played in “Baywatch.”

In regards to Eva Marie;

Eva Marie, who has been out of the ring due to surgery, has been doing one-on-one training with Brain Kendrick to prepare for her return. As noted last week, WWE has ideas that Eva Marie and Lana can be big stars, and apparently Lana is a very good athlete. She’s been in a manager role from the start so nobody knows how good she can be in the ring, and I’m not sure in the ring is what they mean by big star for either, but obviously Eva will be reintroduced soon as a wrestler. Kendrick said that he’s teaching her all styles, focusing on matches with Super Crazy and Tajiri from ECW (Super Crazy is one of Kendrick’s favorites because he was able to make it in the U.S., Mexico and Japan, as did Tajiri for that matter), old ECW tapes and All Japan women tapes. One person familiar with her training told us that he is about to get people to respect her.

Editor’s Note; Sure. Why not.

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