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Sam BrooksJune 25th, 2015NewsComments Off on Low-Ki Released from TNA Contract

Low-Ki Released from TNA Contract


Low-Ki Departs from TNA

In a somewhat surprising move, TNA star Low-Ki has parted ways with the company. The former X-Division Champion stated his departure on his Twitter, in the following tweet;

A part of the latest TNA stable of the week, known as the Beat Down Clan, Low Ki is a former 4-time X-Division Champion, and has had two previous runs with the company, concluding his third run with this departure.

Editor’s Note: It’s always a strange state of affairs when it comes to TNA talent getting their release. The star in question here has been involved in the company’s annual “stable” angle for quite some time, and was one of the few competitors they had left in their X-Division. His release has come out of left field, much like Samoa Joe before him.

The question now, of course, is what’s next for Low-Ki? Formerly known as Kaval in the WWE, where he won the second season of NXT, a return to that company wouldn’t be out of the question, especially seeing how NXT has changed drastically since his departure. NXT could be the perfect platform for him at this stage.

Although, seeing how Low-Ki apparently burned bridges with 90& of the companies he’s ever worked for, perhaps WWE wouldn’t be so welcoming for him. There’s always GFW.

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