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Liam DunneFebruary 17th, 2016NewsComments Off on King Barrett Leaving Update, Axl Rotten’s Death, Mark Henry’s Injury

King Barrett Leaving Update, Axl Rotten’s Death, Mark Henry’s Injury

Well, it seems we have some bad news…

In a report that broke yesterday, Wade Barrett has indicated that he will not be renewing his contract with WWE come the summer, when his current deal expires.

Those close to the situation state that Wade is unhappy with his position in the company, and one can hardly argue that WWE have under-utilised him. After being signed by WWE in 2007, he eventually debuted in the original NXT show back in 2010 (the same series that debuted stars like Darren Young, PJ Black and, most famously, Daniel Bryan), Wade went on to win the series and won a shot at the WWE Championship. This gave way to the infamously mishandled angle of The Nexus, which Wade was the leader of. He spent the rest of 2010 feuding with the likes of John Cena, with the WWE title being on the line occasionally.

Some argue that WWE didn’t strike the iron whilst it was hot. The Nexus was a big deal, main eventing that years SummerSlam, and with Barrett being the leader, he was almost groomed to take the Championship by the end of the year, but the opportunity never came.

Barrett never quite recovered from that, sadly, as he has been dwindling in the mid card since, occasionally wining championships like the Intercontinental title. He tried to start a rival stable called The Corre with former NXT stars PJ Black (under the name Justin Gabriel) and Heath Slater, along with Ezekiel Jackson. That too went no where. Recently he has joined Sheamus’ stable of The League Of Nations.

However, one could argue that WWE’s lack of faith is just. Wade is no stranger to accidents, and is considered hugely injury prone. WWE naturally favours stars who aren’t sidelined for long periods of time, nor get injured only after returning a few weeks/months prior.

Barrett took to twitter to comment on the rumours:

Never the less, Barrett has made a name for himself, and would become a major star if he jumps over to TNA, Ring of Honor, Japan or even returning to his roots on the indy scene.

Continuing the sad news trend, Axl Rotton was found dead in a McDonald’s fast food restaurant nearly two weeks ago. The reports of his death have been made public, with police stating that he died from a drug overdose.

The former ECW star was found unconscious on the bathroom floor. In the stall, Rotten had pulled down the infant changing table, and scattered various drugs on it, with heroin believed to be on the scene.

Rotten was discovered in the middle of the afternoon on the 4th of February, but it’s unknown how long he had been dead for before being discovered.

In our final piece of news, Mark Henry took to twitter to update the fans on his injury. Turns out he did hurt his rib and not his arm as we previously speculated. Henry indicates it’s not a major injury though, so it’s unknown how much time he will take off, if any.

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