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Liam DunneJuly 5th, 2017NewsComments Off on Kevin Owen’s DVD Is A Sell Out

Kevin Owen’s DVD Is A Sell Out

The newest WWE DVD to be released, about current United States Champion, Kevin Owens, has gone down a storm with WWE and wrestling fans, as many outlets including Best Buy and Amazon have reported that the DVD set has been sold out completely, even for those who ordered their copies in advance.

One Redditor said:

The Kevin Owens DVD was released today and it’s completely sold out on Amazon. I preordered it a few days ago, but still ordered in advance and I just received an email that I won’t get mine for more than 2 weeks, despite Amazon’s promise that a pre-ordered item would arrive on the release date.

Another responded:

I just called three random Best Buys in NYC and all of them told me the set was sold out as well and they just opened an hour ago.

Will this open WWE’s eyes to use the New Face Of America in a main event slot more often? Only time will tell.

Have you watched the DVD? Leave your review below!

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