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Brendan DavisOctober 9th, 2015NewsComments Off on James Storm Debuts in NXT

James Storm Debuts in NXT


There have been rumors circulating for weeks, but now it’s official…SORRY ABOUT YOUR DAMN LUCK! The Cowboy James Storm has finally made it to NXT. You read that right The Cowboy not the cult leader shit he was doing when he was in TNA. When I first got into TNA, I saw how James Storm acted during and a little after when he was in a tag team called Beer Money Inc. with Bobby Roode…but enough of my trailing off like I’m an old man. James Storm is now in NXT. What does the future holdĀ for him? Will he get his beer bottle back? Not sure considering it just happened but, I expect great things. Below is a little footage from his entrance.

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