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Brendan DavisJune 27th, 2015NewsComments Off on Inaugural Brawl: Remember This?

Inaugural Brawl: Remember This?

Invasion Inaugural Brawl

Invasion was a pay-per-view event by the World Wrestling Federation for only one event, and it fitted because WCW and ECW led by Stephanie & Shane McMahon and Paul Heyman (pretty much the kids revolting to their parent’s rules, you know that stage of life)  united as The Alliance to invade and take over the WWF led by Vince McMahon. The night was full of Alliance vs WWF matches with either side trading victories. This particular match I want to talk about today is the main event known as the Inaugural Brawl. The match was essentially the best of each side representing to combat one another, or a 10 man tag team match to simplify it. Prior to the match, Team Alliance was given a rally while Vince McMahon had to match sure his team captain, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s head was in the game. Over the months leading to this, Stone Cold became very unlike how he is known as acting by brown-nosing to Vince every chance he got (singing songs to him, hugging him, etc…pretty much Bizarro Steve Austin). Vince stated he “wanted the old Stone Cold back” and Austin was definitely back to how he used to be.

The match was set: Team Alliance: WCW World Heavyweight Champion and United States Champion Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, Rhyno, and the Dudley Boyz took on Team WWF:WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, and The Brothers of Destruction. The teams looked eerily similar on the pre-match picture (don’t know what the hell they’re really called but it’s the picture of the combatants that shows up before any fight in history)

What happened? What was the result? You’ll have to see the match to find out. I’ll just say this: the old Stone Cold returned…

(3:03 if you only care about this one match, the rest looked good too)

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