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Sam BrooksMay 7th, 2015NewsComments Off on Hideo Itami Suffers Severe Injury

Hideo Itami Suffers Severe Injury


NXT Star Suffers Shoulder Injury

Sources from PWInsider state that NXT Superstar Hideo Itami suffered a “bad” shoulder injury, and could potentially be sidelined from anywhere between six to eight months.

Itami, formerly known overseas as KENTA, trained by the legend Kenta Kobashi, is scheduled to be at the next NXT live event on the WWE Network, TakeOver: Unstoppable, wrestling in a Fatal 3-Way match also featuring Finn Balor and Tyler Breeze. The match is to determine the new number one contender for Kevin Owens’ NXT Championship.

Editor’s Note: Another one goes down. Combined with Daniel Bryan’s mystery injuries, which have yet to be addressed, and Sami Zayn’s injury, potentially sustained within the same week as Itami’s, one has to question how these injuries keep happening.

Many many factors contribute to the health and safety of a performer within the WWE, and if these repeated injuries from otherwise capable talent is anything to go by, we could potentially place blame on the way that WWE Superstars wrestle their matches.

Whilst it is true that these performers are known for the grueling schedules, wrestling on house shows and flying around almost non-stop for long periods of time, it seems strange that an NXT alumnus, who as far we we know isn’t travelling anywhere near the same amount as anyone on the main roster, should suffer such a severe injury.

And since this report only details these two facts stated in the headline, anything said in response is merely speculation and elaboration. Time will tell how bad Itami is, and hopefully the WWE will issue a statement regarding this.

As it pertains to NXT TakeOver, however, this event seems to be taking more knocks than Triple H could have been prepared for; one half of the main event match is out with an injury, and a potential new number one contender also competing on the same card is out with a similar ailment, for a long period of time.

Hopefully it’s true that there’s always a plan B, but that will have to be seen within two weeks time, before the next event. We here at The Suplah wish Itami the speediest of recoveries, and hope to see him make a return when he is back to being 100%.

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