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Liam DunneJuly 7th, 2017NewsComments Off on Great Balls Of Fire Betting Odds

Great Balls Of Fire Betting Odds

The betting odds for WWE’s Great Balls Of Fire Event this Sunday have been revealed by by international betting agencies, and they are as follows:

– Brock Lesnar (1/25) with Paul Heyman is favored to retain the WWE Universal Championship in the main event against Samoa Joe (17/2).

– Braun Strowman (1/8) is favored to beat Roman Reigns (9/2) in an Ambulance match.

– Alexa Bliss (1/18) is favored to retain the WWE RAW Women’s Championship over Sasha Banks (6/1).

– Seth Rollins (1/7) is favored to beat Bray Wyatt (4/1).

– Big Cass (1/14) is favored to beat Enzo Amore (11/2).

– The Miz (1/14) with Maryse, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel is favored to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship over Dean Ambrose (11/2)

– Cesaro and Sheamus (1/25) are favored to retain the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship against Matt and Jeff Hardy.

The Brock Lesnar/Samoa Joe result isn’t surprising at all, considering that Lesnar is still considered the most dominate star in the company, regardless of Goldberg blemish from Survivor Series 2016. It seems the company is till going to push ahead with the idea of Brock vs. Reigns in the main event of SummerSlam.

Speaking of Roman Reigns, he seems to be on the losing end of the night according to match makers. Braun, who defeated The Big Dog at Payback this year, looks to win again in their ambulance match. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with such a dominant Braun Strowman if the losing Reigns is going into the World Title picture.

Another interesting note, is that it seems no championships are lined up to change hands either.

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