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Andy QuannJuly 2nd, 2015NewsComments Off on GFW / TNA Update and ROH Rejects TNA?

GFW / TNA Update and ROH Rejects TNA?


According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the current talent exchange negotiations between TNA and GFW is a move to create interest in TNA (Editors Edit: and possibly GFW) and to save TNA’s TV deal with Destination America.
A recent example of talent sharing includes Bobby Roode, who is now a GFW roster member. Jeff Jarrett wanted Matt Hardy to also join, but, as of writing this it has not happened.

The Wresting Observer also notes that an Invasion Angle is still on the cards. But such a proposal for an invasion is not new, as TNA have asked Ring of Honor to share talent for a possible invasion several times. One idea was to have a “One Night Only” style Pay Per View. However, ROH have denied them several times, including recently, hence why TNA are going with GFW.

To be honest, to see how GFW is turning out and the state of TNA, I am not interested at all in this. Maybe if GFW had a solid television base and had more momentum behind it, perhaps I would have. But it’s a company that’s in its infancy. It doesn’t seem like a threat. Maybe if they had some more of a foundation, something to say that there the new kids on the block other than running shows at baseball fields drawing small crowds, maybe it would be of a more believable invasion.
Teaming with ROH would have been great for both parties, both being on Destination America now. Having a cross show feud across the network may have been a cool idea, may have been good for the relatively new network. But I fully understand ROH not wanting to touch TNA with a ten foot bargepole.
I don’t see this helping TNA at all. I see ironically, GFW coming out of this a stronger brand. With TNA’s attempt to reinvigorate the company failing, leading to what many are calling the inevitable. But, hey, who knows. Miracles have happened before.

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