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Sam BrooksApril 13th, 2015NewsComments Off on Finn Bálor Joining Main Roster Soon?

Finn Bálor Joining Main Roster Soon?


NXT Superstar Could Debut Very Soon

Reports have surfaced that detail talk over the main roster debuts of NXT talents; specifically, the notion of calling up Finn Bálor, formerly known as Prince Devitt overseas. The talks have been said to have taken place as recently as WrestleMania 31 weekend.

Former NXT Champion Adrian Neville, who made his main roster debut two weeks ago under the shortened name of “Neville”, was often paired in the conversations of which NXT talents should move up next. There is no word on any other talents, including popular name Charlotte, often discussed as the right replacement for the gap that AJ Lee has left since retiring.

Bálor is currently featured on WWE’s European Tour, and will be present backstage at tonight’s Raw tapings, from London, England. Should he move up, Bálor would be a rare example of an NXT talent moving up without a title reign under them; fellow members of the roster to have accomplished similar are Bray Wyatt and Adam Rose.

In addition, the current plan in NXT is to have Kevin Owens hold the title for a long period of time. If this rings true, it would make sense for Bálor to move up this early – the man has enough experience from his many years in the business, and appears to have acclimated well to the “WWE style”, not to mention becoming a popular fan favourite in the process.

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