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Liam DunneJanuary 28th, 2015NewsComments Off on Dreamer And Blue Meanie Nearly Made Rumble Cut

Dreamer And Blue Meanie Nearly Made Rumble Cut

tommy dreamer

Tommy Dreamer and Blue Meanie were almost in this years Royal Rumble match, but discussions about their involvement got nixed by WWE because they say “nobody cares about ECW anymore”

Indeed, Bubba Ray Dudley showed up, but he wasn’t the only planned ECW guy who was going to make an appearance. Blue Meanie’s name was thrown about, not just because of his involvement with ECW but because he and Stevie Richards are the hosts of the upcoming “ECW Unleashed” DVD, and was a potential way to promote the DVD’s upcoming release.

Tommy Dreamer is said to have a good relationship with WWE, and also lived in the local area, but seems that he too wasn’t chosen to participate because they wanted no more than 1 or 2 ECW guys in the match.

(Editor’s Note: Wait, so if nobody cares about ECW then why are you releasing a new ECW DVD? Surely that means that there is indeed still interest and profit to be made? Plus having at least one more ECW guy in the match would have made more sense than DDP…)

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