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Andy QuannApril 14th, 2015NewsComments Off on Cena teasing return of US Title Spinner Belt?

Cena teasing return of US Title Spinner Belt?


Cena posted a picture on Instagram of the old US Title spinner belt onto Instagram:

A photo posted by John Cena (@johncena) on

Those who don’t know, Cena introduced this version of the US Title in 2004. The design we have currently was re-introduced after Orlando Jordan beat Cena for the US title in March 2005.

Personally, this could mean anything from a troll to bring back the ugly belt. According to Cena’s own Instagram account he posts images ‘without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy.’ More evidence that it could mean anything.

Also from his Instagram account, he seems to post things that he likes, from pictures of pugs to Ron Burgundy. That’s what Tumblr is for John.

So, we shall see what’s in store for the US Title. I hated that title in 2004, spinner items were irrelevant back then and they definitely are now in 2015.

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