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Liam DunneFebruary 26th, 2015NewsComments Off on Did Brock Lesnar Walk Out On Raw?

Did Brock Lesnar Walk Out On Raw?

As most realise, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar was backstage at RAW on Monday night, but wasn’t used.

The rumour mill suggests that Brock stormed out of the arena over an issue that wasn’t known, and as far as anybody seems to be aware it was completely random and out of the blue, if it is indeed true.

Then a few hours later, a new report suggested that Brock flipped out because he had caught wind that his WrestleMania opponent, Roman Reigns, had failed a drug test heading into the biggest event of his career. Typically a failed drug test results in the respective superstar being suspended for 30 days and receiving a hefty fine, but Reigns had got away without punishment due to his position in the company as the next John Cena.

Brock wasn’t, apparently, upset that it could have lead to a disruption in the build up towards the match, but instead that WWE and UFC, another company he could potentially be jumping to later this Spring, have both been the centre of steroid allegations, and Brock doesn’t want to get involved with that. Reports stated that Brock told Vince McMahon that he would rather drop the belt to Daniel Bryan or John Cena than Reigns because of this, but Vince told him that plans for WrestleMania were going to be unchanged, which caused the storming out.

Now, finally, WWE has responded to the rumours by claiming that it is “absolutely false.”

In fact the truth has come to light, and sadly it’s not as dramatic as the fabricated story above.

The real reason why Brock stormed out of RAW was simply due to negotiations of his new contract with WWE. It’s believed that one of the conditions Brock wanted to use was to be able to fight at UFC whilst still being a WWE employee, which, naturally, Vince would reject. It has nothing to do with current or future creative plans for The Beast Incarnate.

As of this writing, the two parties haven’t come to a conclusion, but it could happen any day…

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