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Liam DunneFebruary 15th, 2016NewsComments Off on Brie Bella Leaving WWE Soon

Brie Bella Leaving WWE Soon

Let’s be honest, it’s not very surprising.

Dave Meltzer, of Wrestling Observer, has reported that former WWE Diva’s Champion, Brie Bella, will be finishing up with WWE in the coming weeks/months to settle down with her husband, former wrestler Daniel Bryan, to start a family.

Brie has made it no secret on WWE’s “reality” show, Total Divas, that she has been wanting to start having children with Bryan. Now seems to be the best opportunity to start, considering that Bryan’s schedule has opened up massively.

Despite popular speculation however, this decision to leave now wasn’t spurred on by Bryan’s retirement. Meltzer reports that those close to Brie were aware that she planned to leave WWE by mid 2016, at the latest and that it had nothing to do with Bryan leaving the squared circle. However, one can’t help but believe that she is planning on leaving earlier due to Bryan’s retirement (which is completely understandable).

One can’t help wonder what happens to Nikki in this situation.

Both Brie and Nikki were brought into WWE through the Diva Search back in 2006 (which was eventually won by Layla El, who has also retired). Brie debuted in the summer of 2008, with Nikki shortly followed after a short gimmick of them switching between the two during matches by getting under the ring. The two of them pretty much became inseparable, and arguably the greatest diva tag team. This didn’t keep them immune from fueding from each other, particularly a terrible angle in 2014 where Nikki said she wished Brie died in the womb.

So with it being noted that the two of them always working together in some capacity, it’s will be interesting to see how WWE uses Nikki going forward (assuming that she can return to the ring after her neck surgery). After all, her position in the company is pretty safe, considering she is dating WWE’s poser boy, John Cena

What would also be interesting to see is if Brie continues to have a role on Total Divas. Even if she leaves as a main member of the cast, there would, no doubt, be times she would show up in the show if Niiki continues to be a part of the show’s cast of characters.

What do you all think of Brie’s potential retirement? What will happen to Nikki? Leave your comments below!

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