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Liam DunneMarch 12th, 2015NewsComments Off on Bill DeMott Turns Down Interview

Bill DeMott Turns Down Interview

Former Head NXT Trainer Bill DeMott, who is currently the focus of WWE’s current big scandles, has became far more active on social media lately.

The most interesting exchange DeMott has had on Twitter was with one Matt Grant, an NBC Orlando reporter.

Grant took to twitter and asked DeMott:

@BillDeMott I’m a reporter with WESH 2 (NBC) in Orlando. Any comment/interview re: #NXT allegations? Email:

DeMott replied with:

@MattGrantWESH thanks, not right now

DeMott also tweeted, regarding the recent allegations around him and his training style:

I have got it figured out, IF you write it is must be the truth! And IF you can add or comment it must make it more truthful!

He also wished NXT Trainer Robby Brookside happy birthday and congratulated former TNA Knockout Taylor Wilde on becoming a firefighter recently.

(Editor’s Note: I wonder if it’s DeMott who’s turning these interviews down or if it’s WWE speaking through him. Surely if he was innocent he’d want to let the world know that these are just made up allegations. But shying away from the matter won’t help matters in the long run.)

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