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Sam BrooksApril 14th, 2014NewsComments Off on Baywatch Wrestling – The Suplah Editorial (Ep. 1)

Baywatch Wrestling – The Suplah Editorial (Ep. 1)

Baywatch Wresting – The Suplah Editorial (Episode 1)

In the 90’s, wrestling was huge. Baywatch decided to capitalize on this hot market by having Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Ric Flair appear in an episode. In the amazing debut of Sam Brooks’ new show, we look at mysterious packages, WCW’s legacy, and rocks made from rubber…

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Baywatch (S6E15)


斬LLLア生LL – Hiroyuki Sawano
Aftermath – Kevin MacLeod
Engine Fire – Silent Partner
Hanna Barbera SFX Library
Bonus Game 1 – Hideki Okugawa
Pixel Peeker Polka – Kevin MacLeod
The Machine Thinks – Kevin MacLeod
Anxiety – Kevin MacLeod

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