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Liam DunneAugust 31st, 2016NewsComments Off on Alberto Del Rio QUITS WWE!

Alberto Del Rio QUITS WWE!

Alberto Del Rio has left WWE for the second time in his pro wrestling career, but this time it was on his terms. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion was released from his contract first back in August of 2014 after an altercation backstage with a fellow WWE employee regarding racism allegations.

He returned to the company over a year later, and defeated John Cena to win the United States Championship, a belt he played hot potato with over the next few months. Del Rio eventually helped form the underwhelming faction known as The League Of Nations, a group of non-US born wrestlers, who’s main purpose were to put over Roman Reigns.

Since the group disbanded shortly after WrestleMania, Del Rio did little of interest. His final match was against John Cena on SmackDown Live on August 16th. He was suspended for 30 days afterwards for violation of WWE’s wellness policy.

It was no secret that, when Del Rio signed his contract last year, he had an out clause that he could activate in September 2016. However he seems to have managed to wrangle his way out of the contract even earlier. Many believed he would activate his out clause due to his disappointing second run in the company, and after his suspension it seemed all but confirmed. But now is reporting that Del Rio actually requested his release from WWE as early as July.

Whilst neither party has come out and confirmed that Del Rio is gone from the company, leaks are suggesting that Del Rio has been incredibly unhappy in the company, believing that he had been fed false promises, such as not receiving a main event push.

Del Rio is available for events in Mexico and internationally immediately, and will be able to perform in the USA in a matter of weeks, as of this writing.

EDITOR’S OPINION: Frankly, the fact that Cena put him over on his return and he was given a championship showed that WWE had faith in him. Indeed, he had been booked incredibly poorly, and WWE seemed no longer interested in the character of Del Rio. And I can’t blame them. I’ve personally always disliked Del Rio as a character, and the man behind him has always come across as a self entitled douche. He is not a good wrestler, and he is not good on the microphone. People like Damien Sandow and The Miz are far better at what they do and can entertain a crowd. Even in Del Rio’s main event stint during his first run, fans didn’t care for him and he’s never put on a memorable match. Sorry Alberto, but this is one fan who won’t miss you.

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