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Sam BrooksSeptember 17th, 2015The SuplahComments Off on Why has WWE’s Divas Revolution Failed?

Why has WWE’s Divas Revolution Failed?

Where WWE’s Divas Revolution Went Wrong: How Would We Fix It?

We’re back! Everybody get hype for another installment of everyone’s favourite wrestling podcast… The Suplah! Join Liam, Andy and current Suplah Champion Sam as they discuss the pitfalls of WWE’s “Divas Revolution”.

How would you fix the Divas Revolution? Leave a comment either on this video, this very article, or our Facebook page, and you could win a FREE copy of Liam’s new audiobook: “Batman: The War on Terror” – best comment wins the prize!

Special thanks to Martin “LittleKuriboh” Billany and Thomas “Xthedarkone” Livesey for the shameless plug.

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