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Sam BrooksNovember 12th, 2015The SuplahComments Off on WWE Breaking Ground Review (And Why Kayfabe is Dead)

WWE Breaking Ground Review (And Why Kayfabe is Dead)

WWE Network Series Kills Kayfabe; For Better, or Worse?

This week, Sam and Andy take a look at the first three episodes of WWE’s Breaking Ground show on the network.

Learn about the daily lives of those training in the performance center, and those in NXT that are dreaming to make it to the main roster. See stars such as Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin, Dana Brooke and Tyler Breeze as they reach for their dream, all the while narrated by William Shatner.

Sam teaches everyone a lesson in being a heel, and screams about how stupid the Wyatts are being booked. Andy is there too, probably missing the former broadcast partner he shared for many years. Who knows why, though?

What are your thoughts and feelings on Breaking Ground? Do you share Sam and Andy’s frustrations with Survivor Series? Leave a comment below, and you could be featured in next week’s episode!

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