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Sam BrooksDecember 8th, 2017The SuplahComments Off on “Woken” Matt Hardy Debuts (And Future Plans)

“Woken” Matt Hardy Debuts (And Future Plans)

“Woken” Matt Hardy Debuts on Raw, Sarah Logan Cuts Promo

This week on The Suplah, Carmine and Sam take a look at the much-anticipated debut of Matt Hardy’s “Broken” character, now known as “Woken” Matt Hardy, on Raw.

Also discussed; Sarah Logan’s promo on SmackDown, and the rumours of a women’s Royal Rumble match…

Impact Wrestling, the former TNA Wrestling, announced that any past, present, or future talent signed to their company will now be permitted to use their Impact Wrestling gimmicks in other companies. After an 8-month long legal battle with the Hardy family, Anthem decided to back off to prevent further monetary loss in court over the “Broken Universe” IP.

On Raw, Bray Wyatt defeated Matt Hardy in a match, causing the gimmick to appear for the first time on WWE television. The week after, a promo segment with Wyatt confirmed that Matt Hardy was now allowed to use the character in WWE. Carmine and Sam take a look at the promo itself, and potential future plans involving the currently injured Jeff Hardy…

Are you excited for “Woken” Matt Hardy? How would you book him going forward? Let us know!

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