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Sam BrooksOctober 15th, 2016The SuplahComments Off on TNA Sued by Billy Corgan (And Paige Suspended Again)

TNA Sued by Billy Corgan (And Paige Suspended Again)

Paige Busted for Illegal Substance, Corgan Files Restraining Order, WWE 2K17 is Broken


Liam and Andy are in the same room this week, and they don’t have anyone to forget to introduce… what happens next won’t surprise you whatsoever, as they discuss a great many thing in the week of wrestling.

No Mercy has come and gone, so it’s time for the usual Suplah review of the SmackDown PPV – Liam and Andy stopped watching the event halfway through, which means they’re clearly qualified to tell you their thoughts.

Paige has made history yet again; not only is she the first woman to be suspended via the Wellness Policy, she is now the only woman to be suspended TWICE, and has earned two suspensions within record time of each other; what does the future hold for the troubled star?

WWE 2K17 was released unto the world this week, and it wouldn’t be a 2K WWE game without a series of glitches and problems… Liam and Andy have been streaming the game on the YouTube channel, but what are some of the things we haven’t seen?

And finally, in a bout of breaking news, we found out during the show that Billy Corgan has opted to officially sue TNA as a whole! Including Impact Wrestling, Impact Ventures, Dean Broadhead, Dixie Carter and Serg Salinas. Corgan went further in the proceedings by filing a restraining order on the company… see Liam and Andy react with confusion and anger at this news.

What are your thoughts on TNA’s current situation? Will they survive 2016? Comment below!

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