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Sam BrooksJanuary 14th, 2017The SuplahComments Off on The Suplah – End of Year Awards 2016!

The Suplah – End of Year Awards 2016!

The Suplah – End of Year Awards 2016!

The weirdest year in pro-wrestling has come and gone, leaving behind the craziest, most surreal collection of moments we’ve seen since 2001… but how do we honor the best and worst of the year?

Andy, Sam and Carmine take it upon themselves to hand out awards to those deserving, from Best Male Wrestler to Botch of the Year; who will come out on top, and who will leave broken?

The last chapter in the Suplah’s most infamous award has arrived… the Co-Host of the Year Award is officially retired forever. But who was the Final Co-Host of the Year? We find out the results here…

Fighting back the barrage of technical difficulties, with a brave face going into 2017, we here at The Suplah thank and appreciate everyone who commented, shared, liked and hated our videos this year, and hope that we can continue to entertain in 2017! Stay tuned…

Who do you think should have won each award? Leave your picks below and we’ll discuss them next week!

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