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Liam DunneNovember 27th, 2014The SuplahComments Off on Sting’s WWE Schedule, Lesnar back to UFC?

Sting’s WWE Schedule, Lesnar back to UFC?


On this week’s news, Liam and Andy are joined by Sam as they talk Sting’s WWE debut and further schedule, Brock Lesnar potentially wanting to fight in UFC again, Baron Corbin pairing with Paul Heyman, WWE Supercard’s new Survivor rarity, Yoshitatsu having his neck broken by AJ Styles’ Styles Clash, and NJPW getting an American TV Deal.

Also, the Suplah starts their yearly tradition of the Christmas special, and End of Year Awards! Wanna know exactly how to vote for your favourite co-host of the year? Listen ’till the end!

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