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Sam BrooksDecember 17th, 2015The SuplahComments Off on Roman Reigns wins WWE Title (And Our Reactions)

Roman Reigns wins WWE Title (And Our Reactions)

Roman Reigns Defeats Sheamus to Capture WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The Crimmus season has dawned on us all, and Liam has invited everyone back to The Suplah Shack for another year, to discuss the latest headline in pro-wrestling…

After a brutal match with Sheamus at TLC, Roman Reigns shocked the world by capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Raw; how the hell did this happen?

Join 5/6ths of the Suplah Conglomerate as they react to the title change, and predict the future based on this turn of events, on the special annual Crimmus Special!

What do you think of the events that transpired on TLC and Raw? Leave a comment below!

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