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Sam BrooksAugust 6th, 2015The SuplahComments Off on Roddy Piper Passes Away, “Swerved” Cancelled?

Roddy Piper Passes Away, “Swerved” Cancelled?

WWE Legend Passes Away Aged 61, WWE Network Show Causing Controversy?

This week in Suplah City, Liam is joined by Deputy Mayors Sam and Carmine, as they run down the latest news headlines.

Roddy Piper has sadly passed away at the age of 61; with this in mind, would the WWE tribute Hulk Hogan in the same way, after the scandal and his departure?

Tough Enough is once again discussed, as The Miz replaces Hogan as a full-time judge – Sam rallies against ZZ, and the trio start pushing peanut butter to the moon.

The WWE Network’s most entertaining show, Swerved, could be on the way out… why? Find out here!

All this, and more, on the latest news roundup!

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