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Sam BrooksJanuary 18th, 2018The SuplahComments Off on Paige Retires from WWE (And Women’s Rumble News)

Paige Retires from WWE (And Women’s Rumble News)

Paige’s Status, Undertaker Returning, EC3 and Lashley Leave Impact, More News

Paige retires from wrestling, Undertaker’s potential ‘Mania return, WWE signs Ricochet/War Machine/Candice LaRae, and more…

This week on the Suplah, Sam and Andy talk a ton of headlines from January – Paige’s unfortunate injury has seemingly caused her early retirement from competing in WWE, but where does that leave Absolution and the upcoming Women’s Royal Rumble match?

Also discussed; Goldberg enters the WWE Hall of Fame as the first inductee for the Class of 2018. EC3 and Bobby Lashley have officially departed Impact wrestling, but could they show up for the Royal Rumble? Undertaker might be coming back to wrestle John Cena for an official retirement match. WWE has signed a new crop of talent in the form of independent stars Ricochet, Candice LaRae, and War Machine – would they go to NXT, or the main roster? And more!

Do you think EC3 or Lashley will be in the Rumble? Will Paige wrestle again? Comment below!

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