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Sam BrooksJune 30th, 2016The SuplahComments Off on New WWE PPV Events Leaked (And Why They’re Confusing)

New WWE PPV Events Leaked (And Why They’re Confusing)

More Details on Roman Reigns’ Suspension/New PPV Names Post-Brand Split Revealed

This week in Suplah City, two topics take the floor; more details and explanations re: Roman Reigns’ suspension, and Andy Quann’s remarks in regards to Reigns, and the new details about the WWE Brand Split, including a new WWE PPV schedule, and potential plans for championships and roster structures!

Liam and Andy take an extended look at your comments this week, mostly addressing some of the controversy which has stormed up over the past week. Roman Reigns’ suspension set the world on fire, and Andy Quann had some questionable things to say about the suspension… listen to him answer his critics.

Liam also managed to stir up controversy (big surprise, right?), taking issue with Titus O’Neil kissing his son on the lips during the Money in the Bank PPV, but what’s his rebuttal to those calling out his comments?

Also discussed this week; the confusing nature of the Brand Split’s new WWE PPV event names, the potential of having two world champions once more, and the question of which brand will be the home to which performers…

Andy Quann is tasked with a Riddle after an extended absence; will the Quannster fall at the might of intellect again, or will his 1-60 Riddle Streak (not to be confused with his 1,100+ day sexual dry spell) see another loss added to its already legendary numbers? All this, and more, will be tackled on the latest episode of The Suplah.

What are your thoughts on the Brand Split, returning/new WWE PPV events, or Roman Reigns’ suspension? Comment below, and you could be featured on next week’s episode!

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