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Sam BrooksAugust 5th, 2016The SuplahComments Off on New Championships for SmackDown? (And Why That’s Bad)

New Championships for SmackDown? (And Why That’s Bad)

Potential New Women’s and Tag Team Championships for SmackDown Live

This week in Suplah City, the WWE Draft is discussed, with the fallout from two weeks worth of shows examined; Liam and Andy have a lot to say about the potential new SmackDown championships, including a new Women’s title and Tag Team titles… but is this a good idea?

Also discussed; Brock Lesnar’s USADA violation, and why he’s not been suspended from WWE because of it. Ring of Honor could be in a spot of bother, with rumours of their top talent leaving at the end of the year.

The Riddle Streak continues, with Andy taking on the mammoth task of TWO riddles this week! See if he fails or succeeds here… and who would Andy choose to be his tag-team partner between Roman Reigns, Eva Marie or Mojo Rawley? The hard hitting questions are coming fast this week.

What are your thoughts on the WWE’s brand split so far? Should Brock Lesnar be punished by WWE? Comment below!

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