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Sam BrooksOctober 11th, 2017The SuplahComments Off on Neville Quits WWE? (And Why We’re Surprised)

Neville Quits WWE? (And Why We’re Surprised)

Downsides to Shield Reunion, Rumours of Neville Quitting WWE

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville has reportedly walked out of Raw, quitting the company in the process… different sources say Neville has not. Are we seeing another CM Punk? Sam and Andy discuss LIVE on The Suplah!

Also discussed; The Shield reunites on Raw, triple-powerbombing everyone for the first time in 3 years – but is it just a distraction for the future of Roman Reigns? Meanwhile, Sister Abigail has been revealed to be the latest Snapchat filter for Halloween 2017, and Bray Wyatt wants to see Finn embrace the filter with him… Sam and Andy don’t know, either.

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