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Sam BrooksApril 15th, 2017The SuplahComments Off on Mauro Ranallo Gone from WWE? (And Is JBL To Blame?)

Mauro Ranallo Gone from WWE? (And Is JBL To Blame?)

#FireJBL Trends on Twitter, Midcard Champions Exchanged

This week on The Suplah, Sam and Andy take a look at the two biggest news headlines to hit the presses recently: the Superstar Shakeup, and the Mauro Ranallo/JBL controversy…

WrestleMania has come and gone for another year, giving the WWE the best opportunity to change things across Raw and SmackDown. To aid this, the Superstar Shakeup happened! A two-night event, wherein several Raw and SmackDown superstars changed brands, changing things considerably… but Andy thinks that some things will never change.

Meanwhile, Team Beheh has made it their mission to be blocked by JBL on Twitter, in the wake of the controversy regarding fellow commentator Mauro Ranallo. The popular play-by-play commentator has been off TV for several weeks, citing mental health issues as the reason for his absence. JBL is widely considered to be the source of Ranallo’s poor mental health, after mocking Ranallo over receiving a WON Award.

Many news outlets have picked up the story, with many calling for JBL to be released from his WWE contract – hear what Sam and Andy have to say on this week’s edition of The Suplah!

What are your thoughts on Mauro/JBL? Are you happy with the Shakeup? Comment below!

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