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Sam BrooksOctober 19th, 2017The SuplahComments Off on Kane Returns to Raw (And Why We’re Excited)

Kane Returns to Raw (And Why We’re Excited)

Kane Added to TLC Handicap Match, Neville Updates, Nia Jax Frustrated

Kane came back. Neville left. We’re live again because whatever, right? Life is short and time is shorter. Andy’s fuse is shorter than both of those things. Anyone read these?

Kane has returned to Raw, despite being drafted to SmackDown. The Big Red Machine has joined the handicap match at TLC versus The Shield. Sam and Liam are excited, but the Contrarian Andy is quick to voice his displeasure…

Also discussed; Neville’s all-but-official departure from WWE, Nia Jax’s absence following creative frustration, and WWE 2K18 continues the trend of glitchy releases of WWE games.

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