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Sam BrooksApril 28th, 2017The SuplahComments Off on Jinder Mahal’s Push Continues (And Will He Win?)

Jinder Mahal’s Push Continues (And Will He Win?)

Jinder Mahal to Help India Expansion? Broken Gimmick Coming to WWE?

This week on The Suplah, Sam and Andy take a lot of time discussing the Jinder Mahal push, reading some of your comments and reacting to the events on SmackDown Live, wherein Mahal stole the WWE Championship title belt from Randy Orton. With rumours of WWE wanting to expand their operations in India, there might be an actual reason for pushing Mahal after all.

Also discussed; Sony Pictures have announced the production of a biopic centered around Vince McMahon; “Pandemonium”, focusing on the life and times of the owner of WWE, will be released in the future; Sam and Andy discuss the potential impact of the film. And, finally, more talk of the “Broken Hardy” gimmick coming to WWE has surfaced, with tweets from dirt sheets saying that a deal has been finalised…

What are your thoughts on Mahal’s push? Will you go see the Vince McMovie? Comment below!

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