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Sam BrooksNovember 17th, 2016The SuplahComments Off on Goldberg Injured on Raw? (And Why We’re Annoyed)

Goldberg Injured on Raw? (And Why We’re Annoyed)

Goldberg Tweaks Shoulder, Styles Fired from 3 Promotions

It’s the week of Survivor Series, and the two wrecking machines that are Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar collided… resulting in a potential injury for Goldberg. In a segment on Raw, Goldberg had a physical encounter with a series of security guards, during which the former WCW World Champion “tweaked” his shoulder.

Goldberg says that he feels terrible, just days before heading into his re-debut at Survivor Series. Will this be the end of the hype train for the rematch everyone was worried about to begin with?

Meanwhile, in the indie scene, former ECW commentator Joey Styles has found himself in the midst of controversy, after making an error in judgement this past week at EVOLVE.

During EVOLVE 72, Styles made a political joke referencing president-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, and his remarks on “grabbing” women. Head booker of EVOLVE Gabe Sapolsky promptly fired Styles after this, leading to Styles’ dismissal from Chikara and Beyond Wrestling as a result.

Sam and Andy go into the full story here, with some weird details coming to the surface…

What are your thoughts on Goldberg’s potential injury? Should Joey Styles have been fired? Comment below!

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