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Keelan BaldersonNovember 27th, 2014The SuplahComments Off on CM Punk Talks About WWE Exit

CM Punk Talks About WWE Exit


On a special edition of The Suplah, Andy Quann rants about WWE’s treatment of world champion CM Punk in the run-up to January 2014, Punk’s exit.

Punk recently revealed in an interview with Colt Cabana, on Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast, that he was actually fired from WWE on his wedding day, and claimed, among other things, that:

WWE refused to pay him money he was owed, stole his creative ideas, gave his movie role to someone else without telling him, made promises they never kept, made him wrestle 2 weeks after surgery, and refused to treat what ended up being a staph infection, resulting in a near death experience.

Suffice to say, Andy has a lot to rant about.

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