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Sam BrooksAugust 17th, 2017The SuplahComments Off on Baron Corbin Loses Cash In (And Why We’re Mad)

Baron Corbin Loses Cash In (And Why We’re Mad)

Baron Corbin Loses in Seven Seconds, Ric Flair in Poor Health

Sam and Andy are back with a brand new track, as they run down the latest controversy in the wrestling world; this year’s Mr. Money in the Bank, The Lone Wolf of Wall Street, Baron Corbin, cashed in his contract on this week’s SmackDown Live main event.

After a distraction by John Cena, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal rolled up Corbin to win the match in a record-breaking seven seconds, making Corbin the third ever failed Money in the Bank contract holder.

Ric Flair has fallen ill lately, requiring emergency surgery and a medically induced coma… The Suplah wishes Ric Flair and his family and friends the best in the trying times experienced by everyone close to the Nature Boy.

Sam is mad, Andy is pushing his buttons, and a new Suplah City Hall Championship debuts… or two… or three?

Did you agree with the ending of SmackDown? Comment below…

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