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Brendan DavisSeptember 20th, 2016Blog, NewsComments Off on Be a Paul Heyman Guy! (WWE 2K17 Trailer Analysis)

Be a Paul Heyman Guy! (WWE 2K17 Trailer Analysis)

New WWE 2K17 Trailer Reveals Details on MyCareer Mode

Did you just see that?

If not, watch this video, because it’ll get you excited for WWE 2K17 as much as I am. This year’s instalment in the 2K series is looking to be the best one yet, with more opportunities for expression of your character, and (hopefully) a lot less Tyler Breeze interviews.

The way that Paul Heyman is pretty much bullying you on your way to superstardom is something that we haven’t seen in a WWE video game before now (or maybe that’s just me, there’s a couple of the older games I never played…). But if NBA 2K17 is something to go off of, which I hope it is, then this’ll be a game that any fan of the WWE can pour several hours into from day one.

Will you be buying the game?

Speaking of NBA, I wonder if anyone might like to see any streams of it on The Suplah channel… but before I trail off, what do you think of this trailer? Are you getting the game like I am? If you get it for the PS4, or even the Xbox One, let us know¬†in the comments below. If you want, drop your PSN names or XBL gamertags, and we can connect and play each other sometime when the game drops.

Until then, I’m out. Catch y’all next time something cool happens that catches my eye.


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