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Keelan BaldersonJanuary 31st, 2015BlogComments Off on TNA Give The Von Erich Brothers Another Shot

TNA Give The Von Erich Brothers Another Shot

TNA President Dixie Carter has revealed on Twitter that Ross and Marshall Von Erich will be making another appearance for the promotion during their February TV tapings in Orlando.

The new generation in the lineage of the legendary Von Erich family will also be joined by their father, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Von Erich.

It will be interesting to see how far they’ve come along since their original appearance during last year’s Slammiversary against the Bromans, when they were clearly still new to the business. Whenever I see new generational stars, the first question I ask is why hasn’t WWE shown any interest? Invariably it’s because they’re very new to the business and they either want to pay their dues the old fashioned way, like Scott Hall’s son Cody who is off to Japan, or because WWE themselves don’t see them as a worthy investment … at least yet.

Ross is the older of the two at 26 years old and learned the basics from his father Kevin and legend Harley Race, before going through the Pro Wrestling Noah dojo. While that gives him a brilliant start in the business, he’s actually only had about a year’s worth of matches because he decided to go back to college.

Marshall is the younger brother at 22 years old and also went through the Noah dojo in 2012. Like his father he’s the one that wrestles barefoot. He too has only had about a year’s worth of matches with Noah.

Obviously the Japan style and environment is much different than the states.

Despite being “green” TNA can certainly benefit from having some generational stars in the their company, specially when Kevin who still has some star power shows up with them. It adds some credibility because of the perception that a legendary family would choose TNA over WWE.

There’s currently no word on who they will face or how long they’ll stick around.

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