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Brendan DavisApril 1st, 2016BlogComments Off on When Shit Hits The Fan, Am I Still a Fan?

When Shit Hits The Fan, Am I Still a Fan?


I’d consider myself a wrestling fan. Kinda…sorta…it’s complicated. I’ve watched some form of wrestling and played the videogames my entire life so, I guess I’m a fan. Why don’t I feel like it?

On February 29th this year, I went to Monday Night Raw and had one of the best nights of my life. I danced around in my New Day shirt with a glowing unicorn horn atop my forehead, nearly lost my voice on Superstars right before Raw even started, and was just hit a whole new level of nirvana. Slowly before and even more after that however, I have been regressing from wrestling.

Whether it were not plying WWE 2K16 or not watching Lucha Underground every single week. though I think I’m up to a month as of writing this article, I’ve not really been into wrestling as a whole. It’s been a long time coming, so maybe I just need to take a few weeks and not really watch anything wrestling related. I find it to be a chore to try and catch up on RAW, Lucha Underground, and NXT every week to the point where I either don’t or it takes about a week at the earliest.

I’m completely burnt out on wrestling and that’s a shame for now, as it’s only a few days before WrestleMania 32 and, as it’s now been brought to my attention, hours before NXT Takeover Dallas. Where has the time gone and why don’t I care whether I watch it or not/ NXT’s supposed to be my crutch for WWE programming but even i’s been lacking something lately. Even Lucha freaking Underground, the promotion that kinda reinvigorated y loving for wrestling has Aztec Warfare going on (maybe it’s over, but that’s my point) and has had some title changes and I haven’t seen any of that either.

Nothing’s drawing me back into pro wrestling but it feels like I’m being pushed away from it. A similar scenario happened after WrestleMania 29. Maybe, like last time, I need to take a few months off and not try to catch up on anything ‘restling related ( yes it’s misspelled cause I want alliteration, leave me alone). I may still check out WrestleMania but after that, I might be done with all things wrestling related for bit. 

In closing, allow me to quote Ice Cube in The Predator: Yo, I’m out, but I’ll be back..

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