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Sam BrooksFebruary 10th, 2015Blog, NewsComments Off on Seth Rollins Nude Photo Leaks: A Timeline

Seth Rollins Nude Photo Leaks: A Timeline


Perhaps the biggest news coming out of Monday Night Raw, which ironically concerns zero content seen on the TV program, is that rising WWE Superstar, Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins has been involved in a nude photo leak, exposing intimate details about his personal life, and potentially leaving a dent in his WWE career. Whilst various reports have been seen across the internet, this particular article shall try and lay out a comprehensive timeline as to how this situation progressed.

Whilst Monday Night Raw was being broadcast, a nude photograph of NXT developmental talent Zahra Schreiber was uploaded to Rollins’ Instagram account, which is also linked to his Twitter account and the official “Seth Rollins – WWE Universe” Facebook page. The poster of said image is widely agreed to be a hacker. A censored version of the image can be seen below. Many people saw this image before it was taken down, after being uploaded twice.


After this happened, in what has been described by many journalists as an act of “revenge porn”, Rollins’ real-life fiancee Leighla Schultz retaliated by posting nude images of Rollins himself, also seen below, on her own Twitter account. Whilst initially believed to have been the same hacker that posted the nude photos of Schreiber, it was later confirmed to have been Schultz, in a tweet saying “I definitely did Hahahaha.”, in response to a fan questioning who posted these photos.

Alongside this, posts made on Schultz’s personal Facebook account were made, seemingly mocking Rollins’ messages to an undisclosed party (possibly Schreiber), quoting; “i hate my life and my fiancĂ©e i just wanted to run away with you[sic].” After Monday Night Raw ended, and the incident was made known amongst WWE brass, Rollins sent out a tweet apologizing for the incident, or at least the photos that surfaced on his own Instagram.


In regards to repercussions for this incident, few things have been confirmed outside of a passing statement from Triple H during an NXT Conference Call, and speculation from Reddit-based insider MetsFan4Ever. Triple H has stated that the event was an “unfortunate personal incident”. On the other hand, in the rumour mill, it’s been stated by MetsFan4Ever that Rollins could potentially face a fine, due to him being the only party that WWE itself can punish. The report is as follows:

I have been told from a backstage source that despite Seth Rollins having not much to do with what transpired last night, Seth will likely be fined a small amount of money. The reason being that although it was likely a mistake on Rollins’ part, he originally leaked the first photo. Triple H was against the idea of any kind of fine, but Vince feels someone needs to be held responsible and he can’t punish any of the females involved so Seth is the last resort.

Another issue that caused a bit of panic this morning from WWE officials is that Elvis Duran spent a good 15 minutes discussing the situation on his morning radio show. Officials know Elvis is the most listened to radio show in New York City and his show is also syndicated nationally. With this issue causing a bit of a stir, there are some that believe Seth will not be WWE champion any time soon. There was a belief that Seth was going to cash in his Money in the Bank and win the WWE title in June. But that may all change now.

A short company wide meeting was held both at the Smackdown tapings and in Stamford reinforcing proper social media etiquette. All talent were told to pull any photos that would be considered risky from their phone immediately.

EN: I do intend on voicing my whole opinion on this situation on the new episode of The Suplah Bytesize, to be released on YouTube this Thursday. For now, however, I will say that this whole incident is a mess of the “blame-game” and a yearning from the IWC to know if this will affect Rollins’ push.

At its core, it’s safe to assume that Rollins did cheat on his fiancee, based on the Facebook posts made by his fiancee, and a story from a woman who claims to have been involved in sending nudes to Rollins before he was engaged. In retaliation, the fiancee posted Rollins’ nudes, in an act described as “revenge porn”. When the chips are down, every party involved is to blame for something.

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