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Kidd Out for a Year: What Does Cesaro Do?


Former Tag Team Champion Could Require Spinal Surgery: Cesaro for Singles Push?

It’s always a sad state of affairs when a superstar suffers from an injury of any sort; adding to the recent slew of injuries that have been plaguing the WWE’s roster, Tyson Kidd has unfortunately suffered a spinal chord injury whilst wrestling the newly signed Samoa Joe in a dark match. Few details have been released by the WWE, who are recently keeping quiet about their talent’s injuries in light of the concussion-related lawsuits they have been hit with.

The supposed last word on Kidd’s status is that he requires surgery – this could potentially have him sidelined from in-ring competition for over a year, as spinal injuries are some of the most severe that occur within the ring. Reports have said that WWE Hall of Famers Steve Austin and Edge have reached out to Kidd for support, having gone through similar injuries and surgeries themselves.

This obviously throws the future of the recently popular team of Kidd, Cesaro and Natalya out of the second-story window. Having recently won the tag titles and becoming over with the audience following the annual WWE European Tour, they undoubtedly rejuvenated the tag team division, often seen to be in dire straits by many of the fans. This begs the question.,. what’s next for Cesaro?


Cesaro Should be Paired with Natalya

Pros: History together, potentially entertaining
Cons: Little to no reason for pairing, would feel forced

This particular direction is one to be met with mixed reactions, for understandable reasons. The dynamic between Kidd, Natalya and Cesaro is what made the team popular with audiences in the first place, alongside their wrestling ability and general cool-factor. When you remove Tyson Kidd from the equation, you’re left with the Swiss Superman and the Queen of Harts… “why not pair them up?”, some have said.

Should this action be taken, it sets up the storyline for Tyson’s return; perhaps pitting the former team members against each other, all in the name of Natalya’s allegiance. However, this would become tired if done for over a year, and it would be frustrating for those who like to have their storylines grounded within the realms of reality.

Unless Cesaro becomes a recurring character in Season Four of E!’s Total Divas, this is not a good idea for the team members involved. Although, imagine the potential for a swing or two on Eva Marie…

Cesaro Should Have a Singles Push, Solo

Pros: Everyone wants to see Cesaro succeed
Cons: Unlikely to happen given the track record

It’s been your average fan’s dream to see Cesaro as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion ever since WrestleMania XXX last year, when Cesaro lifted the 1000lbs Big Show over the top rope, in front of the 70,000 strong Cesaro Section. The guy has had a considerable fan following, and there have been rumours that Triple H himself is high on Cesaro; this unfortunate timing for Tyson Kidd could be the catalyst (pardon the pun) that launches Cesaro into the higher rankings, and for good this time. Hell, even let Nattie have a crack at dethroning resident Divas Champion Nikki Bella while you’re at it. Give prestige to that belt.

… but, we’ve been saying that Cesaro deserves a singles push ever since he competed at the Elimination Chamber last year. The main issue has always eluded the audience, but if the dirt sheets are anything to go by, it’s the fact that Cesaro cannot connect with the audience. Hard to believe, but that tired excuse might just be the reason why we won’t see Cesaro get his time in the light for any longer than a few weeks before falling back, getting pumpkins stuck on his head as he falls.


Replace Kidd with Someone Else as Cesaro’s Partner

Pros: Keeps Cesaro’s spot safe, gives new dynamic to the tag division
Cons: Wouldn’t be the same, keeps Cesaro in the same spot

There’s a plethora of new talent coming to the WWE recently, with the popularity of NXT soaring higher than the blood-red moon only helping matters. If worse comes to worse, and Cesaro can’t make it by himself, why not pair him up with another partner to take the tag division by storm once over?

One reason not to would be that it wouldn’t be the same as the first instance, where Kidd and Cesaro clicked and worked together really well. It could be a total disaster and help nobody. On top of that, it would leave Cesaro caught in the tag division, where he doesn’t have much of a chance to excel. If we’re to believe that he’s in line for a singles push, that would serve as a detriment.

Either way, it seems that the WWE needs to figure out what they’re going to do with the remnants of the team of Cesaro and Kidd. We here at The Suplah hope that Kidd isn’t out for as long as they say, and that he makes a speedy recovery.

What are your thoughts on the situation with Kidd and Cesaro? What should happen with Cesaro in the future? Leave a comment below and you could be featured on the next episode of The Suplah!

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