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Sam BrooksMarch 10th, 2015Blog, NewsComments Off on Full Monday Night Raw Results (3/9/15)

Full Monday Night Raw Results (3/9/15)


For those who missed the build to WrestleMania last night, worry not; here’s your Raw Results – a recap of all the important moments from Monday Night Raw.


Daniel Bryan def. Bad News Barrett (Non-title)
Dean Ambrose def. Stardust
Ryback and Erick Rowan def. Kane and Big Show
AJ Lee def. Summer Rae
Rusev def. Curtis Axel (Non-title)
The New Day def. Masters of the WWE Universe (Non-title)
Naomi def. Natalya
Los Matadores def. The Usos
Roman Reigns def. Seth Rollins and Randy Orton


Segment Summaries

Randy Orton is welcomed back by The Authority; the group circle-jerks for ten minutes before Orton “jokingly” breaks their balls for a while.

Connor the Crusher is announced to recieve the inaugural Warrior Award at the 2015 Hall of Fame.

Paul Heyman cuts an always on-point promo, with Brock Lesnar making an appearance.

Stephanie McMahon chews out Kane and Big Show after their match, for some reason.

The Miz and Wiz Khalifa share a sub-par “comedic” segment, where Damien Wizdow debuts. No wonder Wiz had to be high for his tenure on Raw.

Wiz Khalifa performs some songs, which total more screen time than both Divas matches combined. When are we supposed to start giving Divas a chance?

There’s a weird Sting promo, with a voiceover clearly not belonging to Sting.

John Cena forces Lana to book Rusev vs Cena, for the United States Title, at WrestleMania by torturing Rusev with the STF for an uncomfortably long amount of time. This cements John Cena’s status as “The Most Problematic Favourite” on the current roster.

Bray Wyatt taunts The Undertaker throughout the night, culminating in an in-ring segment where Wyatt opens the Urn. The famous gong tolls, replacing the Urn with Wyatt’s chair, which is set alight by a bolt of lightning. Undertaker accepts Wyatt’s challenge for a match.


So, to recap, the following matches have been added to the card for WrestleMania 31;

John Cena vs Rusev (w/Lana) – United States Championship match
The Bella Twins vs AJ Lee and Paige
The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt

All in all, the build to this WrestleMania is lackluster; the main event is more focused on the status of Brock Lesnar’s contract than it is about Roman Reigns’ rise to the top. The Divas are in a tag match that could have easily been made into a Fatal 4-Way for their championship, that hasn’t been defended in an actual match since WrestleMania 23.

Bray Wyatt is carrying the feud with The Undertaker, and Triple H vs Sting is unsurprisingly dull. More matches, presumably for the WWE Tag Team Championships and something for Seth Rollins and Randy Orton to do, will be added as the weeks progress. We’ll find out more next week.

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